Wisconsin Dental Esthetics

Dental Crowns and Bridges

A crown caps a tooth or dental implant, and is bonded to the tooth. Crowns are often needed when the restoration is too extensive for a filling or in conjunction with a root canal.  Crowns are durable, extend the life of a decayed tooth, and provide great esthetic benefits as well.  

A bridge, sometimes called a fixed partial denture, spans the space of multiple teeth that have been removed. A bridge is an esthetically pleasing and practical solution that helps maintain your smile and bite.  Contact us today if you may need a dental crown or bridge.


Full and partial dentures are removable prosthetics that allow people who have lost some or all teeth a functioning and beautiful smile.  If you may need dentures, or if you need to repair or replace existing dentures, please do not hesitate to contact us

Dental Implants

We currently work with an outstanding oral surgeon to provide dental implants for patients interested in this treatment.  A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth that is surgically implanted into the bone beneth the gums.  Implants can be a durable and esthetically appealing solution for patients needing to replace teeth in certain circumstances. 

Cleaning and Hygiene Services

Our professional staff will provide a comprehensive cleaing and polishing to remove unwanted plaque. Dental sealants can be applied in many patients to prevent cavities and decay.  Regular cleanings are essential to maintaining a healthy smile.  Perhaps more important is the care you take of your own teeth between visits.   Brushing twice daily, flossing daily, avoiding smoking, and proper nutrition can help you maintain your oral health.  We  advise patients on proper oral care practices and techniques.  See the videos below for some helpful information on proper brushing and flossing.  Contact us now to make your appointment.

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Root Canals

Root canal thereapy is often necessary to treat an infected tooth.  The root canal helps to eliminate the infection, protect the interior of the tooth, and prevent further decay.  The treatment consists of accessing the internal structures of the tooth, filing away the infection, and then capping the restoration with a dental crown.  The result is a healthier and esthetically pleasing tooth.  If you may need a root canal, contact Dr. Laura today

Dental Fillings

Composite or tooth-colored fillings are used to repair defects or decay in teeth.  Our clinic uses these tooth-colored fillings exclusively.  These fillings are both durable and provide a great esthetic result as compared to metal (amalgam) fillings that are becoming less popular.  Check our how composite fillings provide a great cosmetic result here.  Read about Dr. Laura's mercury-free philosophy here

Full Service General Dentistry

CheckUps, X-Rays and Consultation.

Every patient that sets foot in the door of our modern clinic can take advantage of our state of the art digital x-ray system.  These high quality digital images provide Dr. Socias with the tools to evaluate and plan your comprehensive dental care.  Dr. Socias consults with every patient and formulates a plan for your short and long term dental treatment needs.  We recommend that all of our patients have a regular check-up every six months.  Contact us now to schedule your consultation.